Drago Kocakov


Drago Kocakov was born in 1908 in Vukovar, town placed on the banks of the Danube. There he was given individual tuition in violin and piano from professional musicians. When he enrolled secondary school, he started also with private lessons in drawing and painting. In 1926 he moved to Croatian capital Zagreb. As the economical standard of musicians in Croatia at the time was low, Kocakov decided to study economy. To be able to pay the college, he was making money by playing in cafes and similar premises. He made lot of acquaintances, and soon started playing in some of many chamber ensembles that were active at that time in Zagreb. Concurrently with the study of economy and professional engagement in music he attended private classes of composition and improving in the violin with several composers and violinists with whom he was a friend. In 1931 Kocakov completed the studies of economy and went for a certain period of time to Prague, where he substantially widened his music horizons. Upon his return to Zagreb till the end of the II World War he was living a bohemian life. After the war and establishment of the communist Yugoslavia he was appointed manager of a newly founded company. From 1950s Kocakov started to have health problems that negatively influenced his playing abilities. Thus, he was more active in economy activities, with lot of success. Up to his last days he was very active in taking walks in the nature, which remained his reliable source of peace and inspiration. He died in 1977 in Zagreb.

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