The Land of the Mountain and the Flood

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Published by Novello, Ewer & Co., n.d. Plate 7810. (London)

Über The Land of the Mountain and the Flood

The Land of the Mountain and the Flood is a concert overture for orchestra, composed by Hamish MacCunn in 1887. Often cited as the archetypal Scottish overture, it is frequently likened to the works of Sir Walter Scott in its unashamedly lyrical, romantic view of the Scottish landscape. The title is in fact taken from Scott's The Lay of the Last Minstrel, canto vi, stanza 2:O Caledonia! stern and wild, Meet nurse for a poetic child! Land of the heath and shaggy wood, Land of the mountain and the flood, Land of my sires! what mortal hand Can e'er untie the filial band That knits me to thy rugged strand!
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