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Add translationMost viewed music
Title for list of all music, sorted by views.
Nur Blödsinn
Add translationRecently posted
Drop down option for sorting concert results by date added.
Add translationPast concerts
Title of past (old) concerts section on concert listings page.
Vergangene Konzerte
Add translation{number-of-concerts} concerts found
Number of results for a concert search.
Konzerte gefunden
Konzert(e) gefunden
{number-of-concerts} Konzert(e) gefunden
Add translationOther users also liked
Title for list of music that other users viewed after viewing this page.
Add translationRondo
Type/genre name as a category label.
Add translationSelect which country the concert is in.
Instruction message for concert country field.
Add translationStart time
Drop down option for sorting concert results by start time.
Add translationYou must click on the checkbox to prove you are a human.
Error message for when CAPTCHA guess was incorrect.
Add translationProve that you are human by clicking on the checkbox.
Instruction message for CAPTCHA field.